Why I Chose to Get My Water Tested

Being a mother of two small children it has always been a no brainer to make sure my kids are healthy and get the best nutrition for their bodies.

I grew up with well water that was ultra filtered and perfect for drinking, so prior to me moving out of my parents home, I never really worried about water or thought about it.

About three years ago I moved my family from Northern Virginia to Florida. Shortly after moving, we bought our first house. At the time, I only had my son who was almost two. We got busy with life in Florida but promptly started having issues with our son. He had never really been sick in his life and suddenly was sick repeatedly. We couldn’t seem to keep him well. His skin was dry, cracked and he was getting rashes when he had never had this before. I would bathe him in oatmeal to soothe his skin, pump him full of vitamins, go to the doctors to try to find out what was happening. It wasn’t until I went to a nutritionist and discovered that my son had chemicals in his system that he could only have gotten from contaminated water. High levels of fluoride, chlorine and even pharmaceutical drugs which he has never taken! I was shocked and was strongly advised to get a water filter for our house.

After making this discovery I realized that it made sense with other factors, my hair was extremely dry and almost unmanageable which I thought was just due to the Florida humidity. My husband also had very dry skin and was also getting skin rashes that we thought was some kind of shingles. We promptly did our research to find the best water filters. A friend recommended Purity Bay. We called one of the representatives (Jaime) who came over to test our water. It was absolutely fascinating to get this test and see what can be done to purify our water. He even showed us how much of the chemicals we are soaking up through our skin within just a few mins of touching the water. Needless to say, there was no question, we needed this water solution.

I am so glad we went with Purity Bay. The changes are night and day. My son’s skin cleared and he started to get well and remain well. We went back to the nutritionist and the traces of chemicals in his body were gone. My hair was softer and healthier and I hadn’t changed my regimen at all. My husband’s skin went back to normal. Taking showers actually felt different. I hadn’t noticed that there was actually a chlorine odor until it wasn’t there anymore. My son’s bath water was clear and didn’t have a greenish/yellowish tint anymore. It made such a huge difference for our family. Purity Bay has put our minds at ease with our water.