Liv Scott – Clearwater

Thank you to Pure Solutions for getting us our amazing whole house water filter! They even through in a Reverse Osmosis water filtration bonus for our kitchen!! This luxury is a necessity in Florida! And they had it installed within 24 hours!! I can’t tell you all how much we love it! It’s like showering… read more

Patricia Birkenshaw – Clearwater, Fl

Tyler and Jaime at Pure Solutions are professional in every detail. They help to find out what is needed and wanted and deliver a workable, affordable solution to handle any problems with the water. Highly recommended.

Trinity Moor – Clearwater, Fl

I was confused on what type of system to get for my water, Purity Bay explained what is out there in an easy way to understand allowing me to make an educated decision. I am extremely satisfied with the solution that was presented to me and was delighted to be able to decide on my… read more

Gilbert M. El Paso, Tx

“Next to my custom home this is the best investment our family has ever made.”

J.G. El Paso, Tx

“I can’t believe the savings! I have only had my system for 2 days and I can already tell the difference in my budget.”

Dr. Jose – El Paso, Tx

“BEST SHOWER I have ever had!”

Jason L. El Paso, Tx

“Our Purity Bay system has not only virtually eliminated my wife’s skin condition, but is also saving us money and will continue to save us money for years to come. In addition to all of this, the coffees and teas that my wife and our guests drink taste much better. And finally, my dog Daisy… read more

Gary A. El Paso – El Paso, Tx

“My father has build houses for over 40 years and he has assured me that a water processor is an essential addition to a healthy home (and it add to the resale value). I know for a fact that we make the right decision when we purchased our Purity Bay water processor. My only regret… read more

William and G.M. – El Paso, Tx

“We have purchased the Purity Bay water filter system and it has done wonderful things for our family: our water is softer; water boils and heats faster (we had to turn our water heater temperature down); clothes are softer and easier to iron; we use less soap, shampoo and conditioner, which in turn saves us… read more

Victor A. – El Paso, Tx

“I have to say that the filtration system you installed made a world of difference not only in the taste, but the way we cook as well. The water tastes so clean that we no longer buy bottled water.  We only use water from the filtration system to cook with because it heats faster and… read more

Mike B. – El Paso, Tx

“I did my own calculations and know that this thing will pay for itself in less than 2 years!  And I get all the benefits and peace of mind!  I love my water system THANKS!”

Tom Gutierrez – Tucson, Az

“Best decision ever!  We love the peace of mind and we are definitely seeing the difference. The children’s skin rash went away.”

Yvette Sharpnack – Denver, Co

“I love my shower! My hair looks and feels great. My water is delicious!”

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