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Water Filtration System Types

Compare and contrast water solutions offered in Tampa Bay.

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  • We can build anything you like and beat anyone’s price.
  • Our 10-Stage Processor was developed specifically for Florida’s water.

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Water Purifier

This reverse osmosis system is dedicated to a sink and produces purified water for drinking and cooking. We can hook it up to a refrigerator if the sink is not on an island. Call us today to purchase for $500 plus installation. badge

This system has the gold seal form the water quality association. It is manufactured in Texas and has standard, non-proprietary filters.


Mechanism of Action: Reverse Osmosis

Problems solved Challenges Ongoing maintenance
Purified water for drinking and cooking Not a whole house system. Standard non-proprietary filters, changed every 12-18 months

Water Softener

Since water softeners have been a common solution for people in Florida for a long time, we sell many of them. We manufacture our own systems, customize to anything our customers desire, and can beat the price of any other company’s water softener.

Water softeners break down within a year because of the chlorine and ammonia in Florida’s water, which generates a lot of ongoing maintenance and service calls. Companies who sell these rely on this repeat revenue stream to make money.

These can be purchased at the big box stores, online retailers, plumbers, and national water companies. They can cost anywhere from $400 to $6,000. Count on service calls.


Mechanism of Action: Salt resin system

Problems solved Challenges Ongoing maintenance
Reduction in the hardnes of water, the calcium/magnesium calcification Degrades within a year because of the chlorine and ammonia in Florida's water. Add salt once a month.
Reduce water spots Softeners can leak salt back into house if not set up correctly. A complete rebuild of the system's insides once a year.
Smooth feeling on skin Some companies charge $400-$500
Easier household cleaning

Water Conditioner

Water conditioners add an additional carbon filtration layer that can handle chlorine and ammonia if a high-quality carbon is used. While this system will last longer, the carbon will grow bacteria if the filter is not replaced, resulting in more service and maintenance costs.

This is the type of system most national water companies offer. A national company might not use the type of carbon necessary for Tampa Bay’s water. These systems can cost $3800 - $10,000. We can build these exact systems with the highest quality materials for much less.


Mechanism of Action: Carbon on top of resin filter

Problems solved Challenges Ongoing maintenance
Same as the water softener but the addition of carbon also handles the chlorine and amonia. Carbon can grow bacteria within 2 years if you don't replace the filter. Add salt once a month.
Lasts longer than a water softener A non-Florida solution by national companies might not handle the amonia correctly. $200-$500 carbon filter change every two to six months
A little reduction in chlorine smell $400 - $700 complete rebed every 2-3 years.
Reduces lead

Purity Bay 10-Stage Processor

The ultimate solution for Florida’s water. Our 10-stage filtration system processor filters more contaminates for a lower price than many conditioners and has a lifetime warranty with very limited service costs.

Our 10-stage processor was developed by a master water specialist, customized specifically for Florida’s water. Our system offers the most filtration in a whole house system you can possibly buy.

  • Most whole house filtration available
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 5-10 years before maintenance

Mechanism of Action: 10-stage proprietery blend filter

Problems solved Challenges Ongoing maintenance
Same as softener or conditioner Choosing how to spend the money you save on service calls. Lifetime warranty
Drastic reduction in:
Heavy metals, Lead, Mercury, Rotten egg smell from hydrogen sulfide, Amonium in water, Flouride
Add salt once a month
Read about all the benefits of our 10-stage water processor. 10-15 years before anything needs to be replaced.

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