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While the city does a tremendous job in trying to address every contaminant, they can only do so much. It is up to you, the homeowner, to take responsibility for your family’s needs.

Purity Bay’s certified water specialists have designed and engineered solutions tailored for your needs and wants to deal with water contamination issues. Your water is unique and so should be your solution. The water in your home may have several issues that need to be corrected, from hardness (mineral deposits) and turbidity (suspended dirt), to bad tastes and smells (chlorine odor) and additional contaminants.

Purity Bay can provide hard water solutions and customized whole home water filtration systems featuring reverse osmosis. Whether your water comes from a municipal supply or private well, or if you live in an area where there are water restrictions, Purity Bay has done it all. If you’ve noticed one indication or several, or whether you haven’t noticed a problem but you want to find out for sure, our highly trained specialists can perform a free easy and comprehensive in-home water testing service and recommend the right solution for your needs and wants.

Our systems come with a lifetime warranty. Contact us today for free water testing.

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