We feel that every home should have our custom whole home system.  Purity bay would like to be an option for the new homeowner.  We understand that there are many options for builders.  Instead of going with the lowest cost from a plumbing store, we encourage you to learn more about what we can do because it would be the true solution for the home owner.  We also understand that the last thing you as a builder want is a call about a problem.  You would have piece of mind with our system and can always refer to our local dealer for service in the many years to come.

Our regional factory reps:

Jaime Chavez

jaime@puritybay.com (941) 545- 4765

Tyler Greninger

tyler@puritybay.com (727) 282-2609

Travis Tupper

travis@puritybay.com (281) 224-5878

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