How Long Do Water Softeners Last in Florida?

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In this post we will address a common question we have been seeing: “How long do water softeners last in Florida?”

We’ve done a lot of testing recently in communities in Pinellas and Hillsborough County, Florida and have found that the TDS (total dissolved solids) count is double what is considered “very hard water.” This means that most water softeners are being bombarded with volumes of hard water that they were not designed for.

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Water Softeners

Water softeners play a crucial role in eliminating tiny crushed rock particles like calcium and magnesium from household water, serving as an essential appliance. Like any other device, the lifespan of a water softener is finite, with components wearing out, electrical issues arising, and eventual malfunction.

Top quality water softeners that are can potentially endure for approximately 10 to 12 years, provided they receive regular maintenance. In Florida the water hardness put extraordinary pressure on water systems. Some customers report that nationally recognized brands only last two to seven years.

If your water softener was installed over a decade ago, or if you are experiencing problems, it may be prudent to consider replacement. The durability of a water softener is also influenced by the volume of water it treats, which depends on your home’s water quality. If you have exceptionally hard water or well water containing iron, your system might require replacement sooner.

To make life easier for you, let’s learn how to identify signs of a failing system.

Common Indications of Water Softener Issues

Here are four key indicators that your water softener may require servicing or replacement:

  1. Insufficient Lather. A soap’s inability to produce sufficient lather is a telltale sign of hard water. If you struggle to create a foamy lather while showering, it may be necessary to inspect your water softener. You may also notice increased consumption of shampoo and soap due to the need for larger quantities to generate decent lather.
  2. Laundry Challenges. Washing clothes with hard water can leave them feeling stiff and rough. Although fabric softeners can partially counteract this stiffness, ensuring that your water softener functions properly to eliminate minerals responsible for stiffening clothes is a more effective solution. Hard water can also harm washing machines, hot water heaters, and dishwashers. To safeguard these appliances, regular checks to ensure the optimal functioning of your water softener are crucial.
  3. Accumulation of Residue around Pipes and Faucets. The natural minerals found in hard water can result in crusty deposits forming around pipes and faucets. When cleaning your kitchen and bathroom, pay attention to any chalky substance accumulating around the faucets, as this might indicate the need for a closer examination of your softener.
  4. Altered Taste of Water. Hard water possesses a distinctive taste compared to soft water. Individuals who prefer the smoothness of soft water may notice changes in taste if their home’s water supply begins to exhibit increased mineral content. If you consume tap water directly, note any variations in taste, as it could signify the need for servicing or replacement of your water softener.

Finding the Right System

Is getting a new water softener right for you?

Getting the right system includes testing your water to understand what’s in it. Keep in mind a water conditioner only addresses the hardness of the water. It does not necessarily remove all the contaminants to ensure it is ideal for drinking.

Purity Bay specializes in a wide range of home water solutions. This includes water softeners, reverse-osmosis systems, whole home water filtration systems and anything in between. Whether you need help selecting a water system or servicing an existing system, our experienced team can help you out!

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Contaminated Water Causes Many Problems

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  • Itchy Skin
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  • Damaged hair from hard water

    Damaged Hair

  • Dishwasher damage before and after a water filtration system

    Dishwasher Damage

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  • Itchy Skin

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  • Water Stained Sink

    Water Stained Sink

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