1. Purer, more delicious drinking water instantly on tap. Zero calories and refreshing.

2. Sparkling ice; tastier drinks; aromatic coffees, expresso and teas (25% savings too).

3. Faster cooking, cleaning and preparation of healthier and better looking foods and meals.

4. No high bottled water bills. No plastic bottle to trip over. No lifting, spilling or back strains.

5. No plastic bottle chemicals contaminating your family, tons of lanfill and toxic gases eliminated.

6. No more wasting 17 million barrels of oil or 5x the water to make and transport plastic bottles.

7. Purer water on tap for pets, plants, fish tanks, even your steam iron, humidifiers and car.

8. Younger, healthier looking skin. Cleaner, possibly healthier pores and scalp.

9. Softer, shinier, more manageable hair. Less itchy flaky scalp or need for irritating chemicals.

10. Relaxing, natural and luxurious showers, and bubble baths for mom, dad and kids.

11. Faster HOT showers when good water keeps your new water heater and fixtures clear.

12. Softer, cleaner water and soaps touching your family’s skin, hair and clothing.

13. Better rinsing of hair, skin, bedding, clothes, and home leaving less chemical additives residue.

14. 50 – 90% savings on special moisturizers, skin care, astringents and conditioners.

15. Cleaner, more naturally sparkling kitchen, glassware, silverware and dishware.

16. Precious metals, rings, silverware shine without harsh cleaners eating them away.

17. Longer lasting dishwashers, coffee makers, and mixers. No chemicals or gloves needed to clean them.

18. Cleaner healthier meal areas for your family, guests and even pets. Helps the planet too!

19. Extra Money to pay other bills. Up to 90% savings on soap cleaning products.

20. Valuable TIME re-channeled to your family weekly, and away from hard water cleaning chores.

21. INCREASING VALUE of property improvement (system and protected home) as costs soar.

22. Sparkling glass dishes, ceramics, countertops, tiles, windows, chrome fixtures and stainless steel.

23. Longer lasting appliances, porcelain, linoleum, tiles, ceramics, and clear glass and countertop surfaces

24. Self-cleaning bathroom tubs, shower doors, porcelain and metals, less spots, pits and stains.

25. Savings of 30-70% on replacing/fixing fixtures, dishwasher jets, faucets from pitting or scale clogs.

26. Savings of 50% to 75% or more on harsh chemical detergents, expensive advertising fillers.

27. Thousands of dollars a year, REDIRECTED to work FOR you, not against you.

28. UP to EIGHTY (80) hours per year personal time saved from harsh cleaning chores.

29. Lower dry cleaning bills. Wetter water (less surface tension) can use gentler soaps for cleaning.

30. Less rocky, abrasive water means shirts, blouses, slacks and jeans stay newer looking longer.

31. Longer lasting towels, sheets, socks, undergarments, and fabrics. Studies show 33-50% savings.

32. Less lint and savings from broken clothes. Savings on energy from clogged lint traps in dryer.

33. Savings of 50-90% on eater softening additives, liquids, sprays, detergents and dryer sheets.

34. Savings of 50-70% on replacement of water heaters, scaled pipes, clogged pumps, jets and fixtures.

35. Savings on energy from water heating (up to 30%) by eliminating rock that wastes energy.

36. PIECE OF MIND! You’ve helped the planet, saved money and pampered your family!

All this plus it PAYS FOR ITSELF MANY TIMES OVER just from what you saved by switching to good water.

YOU ARE NOW PART OF THE SOLUTION! We know you will be pleased! THANK YOU!

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