5 Signs You May Have Hard Water

Water flows through our homes with a very wide range of quality and consistency. But when it comes to the quality of your water, it makes little sense to use hard water since it can ruin your plumbing and lead to quite a few distressing outcomes.

If you do not know the pros of using soft water, then you’ve come to the best place for getting some valuable insight about how to test your water to get an inclusive report. Avoiding hard water does not only fix the mineral build-up on faucets or unpleasant stains in your bathtub, it also eases your cleaning and laundry experience.

Here are 5 signs you may have hard water:

  • Mineral Build-Up around Water Fixtures

If you observe any mineral build-up around your faucets or fixtures, it’s a clear sign that hard water is flowing through your fixtures. The mineral deposits build up and leave ugly marks on your bathroom and kitchen sinks. These deposits can also obstruct a smooth flow of water.

  • Stains on Curtains or Clothes

Hard water doesn’t just leave its marks on your bathtub or sinks; it also mixes with your washing detergents to leave ugly stains on your clothes. That’s because the hard water leaves a white soap scum residue. Although this soap scum is only temporary, using hard water can eventually leave your clothes looking dull and faded.

Don’t let hard water ruin your drapery and expensive clothing. There are many ways you can enhance the quality of water that flows through your house. A purification system not just gives you the best water but it also saves you from wearing scratchy and uncomfortable clothing.

  • Short Heater Life

Have you ever turned on the shower to find out that there is no hot water? One of the most common reasons why your water heater may fail to function optimally is owing to hard water build up. Like your fixtures and faucets, minerals also build up on the heat conductor coil inside the heater.

  • Itchy Dry Skin

It is common for some people to experience dry skin in the chilly season. Although it could be owing to dry weather, it is likely that the minerals in hard water leave residue on your washed clothes that irritate your skin. You can benefit from a water purification system to improve the condition of your skin and water.

  • Spots on Glasses and Dishes

All spots on drinking glasses, dishes and flatware mean you are washing your crockery with hard water. The minerals stick to your items inside the dishwasher and leave you with messy dishes for your next party.

Final Thoughts

Hard water has quite a few minerals suspended in it; chiefly calcites and magnesium. Even though this type of water is not destructive, it can lead to difficulties in plumbing. If you are looking for industrial-grade water testing and purification services customized according to your needs, get in touch with professional services to take care of water contamination