Water, Water Everywhere!

75% of the Earth’s surface is water. However, 97% of all that is saltwater. Only 3% is freshwater and 2/3rds of that frozen in glaciers and ice, leaving only 1% for all life.

Not one drop of water has been added since the earth first began!

Nature went on for billions of years recycling the same trillions of gallons of water, over and over. Man took less than 100 years to mess it up and grew in numbers to 6.5 billion from only 2 billion in 1960. Most of our local areas are already overgrown and undersupplied.

Centrally treated water is 150 year old technology with single pipe that use 66% of their water in putting out fires, washing streets, construction and irrigation. They can’t afford bring 100% of the water up to what we’d prefer for our family’s drinking or home water. So we pay more for less. Change is needed…

Purity Bay quality water costs less than living with out it! So don’t put it off, get yours and start living purer this minute!

WAIVER: Purity Bay, LLC, its staff, dealers and affiliates make no general or specific health or performance claims of any kind. Regardless what occasional contributing writers post on blogs or social media sites this disclaimer applies. Certain technologies are known to do certain things but no one system does all things for all situations. Readers are advised to do their own research for all matters and not rely on this or any one site or advisor. Studies exist at www.WQA.org. Purity Bay makes no claims about your specific water composition, or quality or about any specific solution, savings or benefits. Proper individual testing, evaluation, equipment selection, installation, maintenance and upgrades are required. Plus water and usages change. Purity Bay does not state or imply that any local utility falls short in state or federal standards in addressing general health or water concerns. On the contrary, we claim they do heroic jobs given limited resources and increasing demand on a limited resources that is being polluted more each day. Actual industry positions and studies on savings, benefits, performance, general water conditions and industry codes are available at www. WQA.org. Avoid mistakes. Study your annual utility reports ,ask to see WQA Certifications from anyone advising you. Plus do your own research at www.WQA.org.