Fluoride In Your Drinking Water

While fluoride in our drinking water is supposed to encourage dental health there are some health risks associated with it as well. Those who consume large quantities of fluoride can develop bone disease and children could get mottled teeth from over consumption.

The long term exposure to fluoride can cause the increased risk of bone fractures in adults and children age 8 and under are more susceptible to developing pits in their tooth enamel and have a wide range of cosmetic dental issues that can arise.

Source Of Contamination

Fluoride is used as an additive that is designed to support strong teeth, erode natural deposits and discharge from fertilizers and aluminum. The amounts that are used in the water supplies are set by the EPA and are considered a safe level for human consumption. Amounts consumed over a long period of time that exceed that level could create potential health risks.

The levels of fluoride that are considered safe for our drinking water set forth by the EPA are 4.0mg/L. The EPA has also set forth secondary standards of 2.0mg/L for cosmetic effects that could occur on the teeth such as discoloration or pitting. The standards are currently under review and more testing is being conducted to ensure the levels are set at the safest possible goals.

Some fluoride compounds such as sodium fluoride are dissolved into the ground water and naturally occur in our water supplies. Most suppliers voluntarily add fluoride to the water to either promote dental health.

You can test for fluoride levels in your private wells by contacting companies like Purity Bay El Paso but if you are using public water supplies you should be notified within 30 days of any contamination if the levels of fluoride exceed the EPA standards.

If you are concerned about the levels of fluoride in your drinking water you can use filters such as Purity bay that use reverse osmosis to remove the fluoride.

Source: http://water.epa.gov/

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