Emergency Community Drinking Water Use

In the event of an emergency or even a temporary problem a community water supplier must have a plan in place in order to ensure safe drinking water to the public. You can find out how to prepare for an emergency and protect your own water through Purity Bay El Paso.

Before An Emergency

  • The EPA’s emergency planning and preparations for a community drinking water system are as follows:
  • Identify the emergency and schedule emergency operations as well as cleanup crews.
  • Adjust working schedules to comply with the needs of the plant and ensure key staff are onsite as needed.
  • Notify state and federal emergency management agency’s of contact personnel and review all emergency response plans.
  • Establish emergency water supplies if necessary and make arrangements with power plant to restore power to plant as a priority.
  • Prepare and arrange for all equipment and chemicals and establish appropriate media contact with customers.
  • Ensure public is informed of necessary precautions they must take and have a full list of instructions prepared in multilingual forms.
  • Stock up on supplies and establish alternative transportation modes for the key employees in place.
  • Ensure all staff are fully trained on how to shut down in case of an emergency.

The public should take precautions during an emergency to ensure their own safety and have a list of supplies ready and a checklist of how to maintain safety in their drinking water close by. Anytime there is a water boil advisory out you should boil your water for at least one minute before drinking. Boiling water does not eliminate all contaminants so a water filtration system like Purity bay could also be used to effectively clean the drinking water.

After you have encountered a “boil water” advisory you should take the following steps before you continue normal use:

  • Flush water fixtures for several minutes
  • Run water softeners through a regeneration cycle
  • Drain, disinfect and refill water storage tanks if necessary

Source: http://water.epa.gov/

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