Are Seasonal And Geographical Changes The Key For Implementing Strategies For Safer Water?

When it comes to the National Water-Quality Assessment Program (NAWQA) predicting the future of the quality of our water land and chemical use are not the only predictors. Concentrations of pesticides and nutrients can vary from season o season as well as through watersheds that offer differing contamination vulnerabilities. Certain natural aspects such as the geology, soils and even environmental practices such as irrigation or tile drainage can have an impact on the way chemicals are moved across the land and to the aquifers. Understanding these changes can help to control local and regional water supplies and keep the drinking water sources safe from high levels of containments.

Understanding these local and regional features can have a huge impact on how we control our water systems and keep the water we drink safe from the contaminates that can harm us. The patterns that are developed by researching the changes are a large part of how the — USEPA determine the amounts of chemicals to be used in the water for treatment and when and where policies and strategies should be implemented. Timing is everything when it comes to determining the treatment strategies for our water systems and with the patterns creating a map to the contaminants the researchers are able to prevent any damaging substances from entering our water source.

Purity Bay El Paso offers information that helps you to understand the impact that certain seasonal or geographical changes can have on our water systems. The frequency of runoff water from snow melts, rainstorms and even land management practices such as tile drainage or irrigation can alter the amounts of pesticides and nutrients that are in the water source at certain times and by pinpointing these changes in specific areas at specific times we are able to better protect our water supply and keep the quality high.

Purity bay offers a map to certain areas that are more vulnerable to these contaminations that the — USEPA have taken more steps to ensuring safe drinking water. There are some areas that are at a constant higher level due to seasonal changes while other climates that offer little change in rainfall or agricultural changes to the land are on a more steady cycle for treatment. The Upper Midwest offers minimal contamination due to the protection the soils and glacial till that cover most of the region. There are tile drains and ditches that are used to provide a quick pathway for nutrients and pesticides to runoff the streams. Natural characteristics in the Great Plains, Mid Atlantic regions and parts of the Northwest favor the transport of nitrogen creating a need for more protective treatment strategies to be put into place.


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