Answers to Questions About Water

Below are answers to questions that are most often asked about water.


For the 120 contaminants they are required to test, YES! And they do a GOOD JOB! But you read what both Government studies concluded. Few standards exist. There just isn’t data or resources for researching the hundreds or millions of new chemicals or how some of these toxins react when combined with others.


However, those budgets have recently collapsed in some 46 of our 52 states. (To see this ABC News story click here.)

Slashed budgets, resources and personnel, just at a time when pollution and population are soaring many times what they were in the past. Even in the best of times, only 1% of all their water is for drinking. 66% of central city water is for non-human use. Irrigation, streets, construction. And 33% is used for showering or cleaning the home.

They filter out the chunks and add chlorine and chemicals to bleach out the brownish red color, the horrid smell and to kill organisms. They add chemicals and churn it and settle it and run it through tons of materials to mass filter it. Then they chlorinate it again so it won’t carry or pick up anything which could cause disease as it travels through our miles crusty 50 year old pipe. When we get it on the other end, it generally meets whatever minimum standards the Federal Government has set for whatever contaminants they have tested. (See Presidents Cancer Panel report. Click here to get it as a PDF.).

Many families don’t want chlorine and these other “extras” absorbed during their hot showers or taken in by their kids from their drinking water and foods. So central treatment has it’s place for general utility water. Best in the world. But maybe not for the higher quality, people demand for their bodies, families and homes.

How About Bottled Water?

  • Even if it was convenient to use: which it isn’t
  • Even if you could shower with it, to avoid tap water chemicals, which you can’t
  • Even if it wasn’t a nightmare to lift, haul and store; which it is!
  • Even if U.S. bottles didn’t consume more oil than 100,000 US cars do each year; which they do!
  • Even if it didn’t leach plastic chemicals (BPA-a hormone disrupter, PET- and others), which it does;*
  • Even if 80% of these 30 billion bottles/year weren’t a 1000 year recycling nightmare; which they are!.
  • Even if you couldn’t circle the Earth 150 times each year with the trashed bottles; which you can!
  • Even if their manufacture didn’t pollute with 2.5 million tons of carbon dioxide while consuming

17 million barrels of oil EVERY YEAR; which it does!



Dollars compared to pennies for Purity Bay!

Sources for the above:
(The Presidents Cancer Panel 2010.
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How about Nature?

Despite the fact that our BLUE PLANET is 75% water,  97% of that is seawater and 2% is frozen in icecaps.  Only 1% remains for all the life forms on this planet including 7 billion humans.

Now NATURE recycles our water as RAIN … But we have the same water we’ve had for millions of years! We haven’t added one new drop. But we have crowded in 5 billion extra people just since the 1960s.

And these people (you and I included) use oil, cars, chemicals, plastics  create trash, waste and pollution to the AIR, GROUND AND WATER QUALITY.

So much, that nature can no longer “fix” all the impurities fast enough.

So What Does Man Do?

In desperation, he ADDS MORE chemicals to treat the water centrally OR he bottles what little good water there is and charges more than gasoline for it. Resulting in his plastic bottles now clogging and choking our planet itself! 

Wouldn’t it be cheaper and cleaner to simply purify and fill up at home?

Purity Bay gives you that ability, that savings and purity plus more …

The solution is to TREAT YOUR WATER AT HOME WHERE YOU CONTROL IT! Click here to find out how.

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