Why Is It So Hard To Get Good Water?

The EARTH is 75% covered in water. But most of that is salt water and not useable. Only 2% of the available water is FRESH but two-thirds of that is frozen in icecaps and glaciers. Leaving only 1% to supply almost 7 Billion people plus millions of other life forms on earth.

Through rain, 1% that has recycled over and over for millions of years. No more is added. But demand is soaring hundreds of times faster now, as populations and industry explode. Shortages now exist. So much so that many experts believe the next big war may be about things like WATER.

That tiny 1% is also being attacked and polluted-as we speak- even while it’s in the clouds or icecaps and during it’s entire path to your home. It picks up part of everything it touches through toxic air, ground chemicals and waterways. through medical and human waste, toxic storage facilities and chemical dump sites. All donate part of themselves to our water.

Despite all the treatment done at the central water utilities, they also add chemicals and bleaches. Like a stew, much is added and blended, but very little is removed, except larger items. Despite Cities and States doing all they can, their budgets are strapped. And even more so since the 2010 state budget collapses.

Lastly when 66% is not used for humans, and only 1% is for drinking, it just doesn’t make sense to centrally treat more than this.

So our water gets worse and worse. Then it travels through miles of crusty pipes and fixtures sometimes 50 years old until it finally gets to your family’s shower or drinking faucet.

Delicious, isn’t it?


Findings: 42 state offices found 260 contaminants in tap water. Of these, 141 contaminants have NO safety standards. Earlier studies by the USGS (US.Geological Survey) 1998-2002 stated “…over 10 million chemicals are manufactured today
…fewer than 2% of these chemicals have been fully tested…

**Reference: President’s Cancer Panel


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