Welcome To A Life Of Higher Quality Water

A Lifetime of Mountain Quality Water through your entire home and Purer Drinking Water for your family’s better living. That’s the goal of Purity Bay,llc. & their 25 year Certified Specialists.

Your MOUNTAIN QUALITY WATER FIVE STAGE Home Water Processing System comes with a Ltd. Lifetime Guarantee. Together with the PURITY MASTER Five Stage Drinking Water System you also have a “Double Price/Quality Guarantee”. Add in your professional multi-point installation with quality checklist; we hope you’ll experience what tens of thousands do, who have good water:

Purer, more delicious drinking water instantly on tap, zero calories and refreshing.

Sparkling ice, tastier drinks, aromatic coffees, espressos and teas. (25% extra savings too!)

Faster cooking, cleaning and preparation of healthier, better looking foods and meals.

No high Bottle Water bills. NO plastic bottles to trip over. No lifting, spilling or back strains.

Savings of 50%-90% on water softening additives, liquids, sprays, detergents and dryer sheets.

Savings on ENERGY from water heating (up to 30%) by eliminating rock that wastes energy.

Purer water on tap for pets, plants, fish-tanks; even your steam iron, humidifiers and car.

Younger, healthier looking skin. Cleaner, possibly healthier pores and scalp.

Softer, shinier, more manageable hair. Less itch, flakes or irritating chemicals.

Relaxing, natural and luxurious showers and bubble baths for mom, dad and kids.

Faster fuller hot showers when good water keeps your new water heater and fixtures clear.

Softer, cleaner water and soaps touching your family

50-90% savings on special moisturizers, skin care, astringents and conditioners.

Better rinsing of skin, hair, bedding, clothes and home leaving less chemical additives.

Cleaner, more naturally sparkling kitchens, glassware, silverware and dishware.

Precious metals, rings and silverware shine, without harsh cleaners eating them away.

Longer lasting dishwashers, coffee makers and mixers. No vinegar or gloves needed.

Cleaner, healthier meal areas for your family, guests and even pets. Helps the planet too!

Extra money to pay other bills. Up to 80% savings when you switch from chemical detergents.

Valuable TIME re-channeled to your family weekly, and away from hard water cleaning chores.

INCREASING VALUE of property improvement (system plus your protected home) as costs soar.

Sparkling glass, ceramics, countertops, tiles, windows, fixtures and chrome.

Self-cleaning bathroom tubs, showers doors, porcelain and metals. Less spots, pits and stains.

Longer lasting appliances, porcelain, linoleum, ceramic and clear glass countertops surfaces.

Saving 30-70% on replacing/fixing fixtures, dishwasher jets or faucets from pitting or scale clogs.

Savings of 50% or more on harsh chemical detergents, expensive advertising and fillers.

Thousands of dollars every year, re-directed to work FOR you, not against you.

Up to EIGHTY hours per year personal time saved from harsh cleaning chores.

Lower dry-cleaning bills. Wetter water (less surface tension) - you can use gentler soaps for cleaning.

Less rocky, abrasive water means shirts, blouses, slacks and jeans stay newer looking longer.

Longer lasting towels, sheets, socks, undergarments and fabrics. Studies show 33-50% savings.

Less lint and savings from broken clothes. Savings on energy from clogged lint-traps in dryer.

In addition you can remove these:

Savings of 50-70% on replacing water heaters, scaled pipes, clogged pumps, jets and fixtures.

No more wasting 17 million barrels of oil (100k cars)/yr, or 5x the water to make/transport plastic bottles.

No plastic bottle chemicals consumed by your family. Tons of landfill and toxic gases eliminated.

WAIVER: Purity Bay, LLC, its staff, dealers and affiliates make no general or specific health or performance claims of any kind. Regardless what occasional contributing writers post on blogs or social media sites this disclaimer applies. Certain technologies are known to do certain things but no one system does all things for all situations. Readers are advised to do their own research for all matters and not rely on this or any one site or advisor. Studies exist at www.WQA.org. Purity Bay makes no claims about your specific water composition, or quality or about any specific solution, savings or benefits. Proper individual testing, evaluation, equipment selection, installation, maintenance and upgrades are required. Plus water and usages change. Purity Bay does not state or imply that any local utility falls short in state or federal standards in addressing general health or water concerns. On the contrary, we claim they do heroic jobs given limited resources and increasing demand on a limited resources that is being polluted more each day. Actual industry positions and studies on savings, benefits, performance, general water conditions and industry codes are available at www. WQA.org. Avoid mistakes. Study your annual utility reports ,ask to see WQA Certifications from anyone advising you. Plus do your own research at www.WQA.org.